Wednesday, September 12, 2007

David Collins of The Upside Down Show!

Shane Dundas, Li'l Shane, Puppet, Li'l David, David Collins.
(The above photo brazenly swiped from the Umbilical Brothers
web site.)

Early this year I wrote a little comment on the Umbilical Brothers messageboard. The Umbilical Brothers are David Collins and Shane Dundas, who are also the talented duo on The Upside Down Show:

Comment: LOVE LOVE LOVE the upside down show! GREAT work. Where can I buy T shirts for my 2 yr old and myself?

How shocked was I to receive an email from an actual Umbilical Brother? (at least I think so...)
Answer: wicked shocked!

On May 13, 2007, at 3:38 AM, David Collins wrote:

you sent this message to our guest book many many moons ago and i am only now getting to it. please excuse my late response.

t-shirts... hmm. to my knowledge there is no merchandise available for the upside down show. not sure why. and i can't tell you when or if any is going to ever be on sale. unfortunately it's not up to us.

i'll let you know the next time we are performing live near you. and if any small garments are made.

until then, be well.

david (the curly headed one)

So of course I had to write back. And of course it took me forever because that's just how it goes:

On 26/08/2007, at 6:24 AM, Linda Pardee wrote:

Dear David,

Thanks so much for writing back to me - that is very kind. And *I* apologize for *my* late response as well!

I am hoping to catch your act if you ever get to the Boston area - I have caught snippets of your live act on Youtube - you guys are just fascinating!

I hope that things are going well for you and Shane. I want you to know that my son and I adore "The Upside Down Show" and I am sorry to learn that there will be no more episodes.

Your show is very important. It is fun for everyone, and I know that isn't easy to pull off. But you did it. I'm very sad that Noggin didn't get it.

I must say...I got a big chuckle out of the episode where a bucket is handed over instead of a bicycle helmet....
"what diiid you saaay???"

...and similarly I recall a gag in the icecream episode...shmuzzies ...with the word "truck"...
"what did you call me?????"

Now...I might just have a vivid imagination....or not...but you guys were riffin' on the "F" word, weren't you? C'mon - TELL!!!

Best of luck in all your future work. I know we'll be seeing lots more great stuff from the 2 of you.

Linda (Scurvyann)

I didn't really expect an answer but lo and behold...the answer to my Very Pressing Question!

Date: September 9, 2007 10:03:31 PM EDT

you know too much linda.

we got into trouble for the 'bucket' line, but eventually convinced them to leave it in. kids are going to have no idea and adults will get a kick out of it.

and had to fight for the 'truck' one as well. i'd forgotten about that one.

you are who we were making the show for it would seem.


HAHRrrrHHAHrhhaHR!!! That email made my day.

Oh Upside Down we will miss you. Please turn your attention to the Umbilical Brothers other offerings. Here is a little UmbiBros sumpthin-sumpthin - you can see the makings/inklings/sparks of the Upside Down Show in their act (...but it is kinda rated PG!)



amy_cunningham3 said...

I've seen you on your show "the upside down show" passing through, and I think it's cute and educational; very unique. I have to say David, I think you are gorgeous! Are you married? ha ha.

Erika said...

I love the Upside Down Show and it is so funny. I am 16 years old and I watch it. David and Shane have great talent. Dave is pretty cute and shane seems to be a sweet guy. Keep up the good work boys!!!

Mary lou Berg said...

Hey David and Shane,
My son, me, and my mom love the upside down show. My sons turning 3 on Nov. 19th and i wanted him to meet you guys some how. He loves you. We live in GJ,CO. If you could try and look us up and give him a call that would be great. Love you guys.