Monday, June 11, 2007

Brats On The Beat

Here's a CD of Ramones covers for kids called Brats On The Beat...I like the name! The compilation, produced by Jennifer Finch of L7, features an impressive array of musicians from bands including Pennywise, Alkaline Trio, The Donnas - and Ramones cover band The Gabba Gabba Heys)!

Speaking of which, here - have a listen to my friend Spooney of The Gabba Gabba Heys singing a little bit of We Want The Airwaves.

It is no secret that kids love the Ramones! So why not just play them yer Ramones CDs and be done with it? Well - the twist on this CD is that the tracks have gangs of li'l punkrock kids singing along. And you know how kids love listening to kids singing. (They do.) I don't own this one yet but I plan to get it - I've been busting the bank on music and DVDs lately. I think C6 and I will open a lemonade stand to fund our habit!!!

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