Friday, January 28, 2005

C6 and Me.

You may wonder, "hey, what's it like to be a mum, eh?"


It's pretty dang fun is what it is. Mostly, my days are filled with all kind of good stuff. We dance our butts off, shaking rattles to the tunes of C6's dance, baby, dance! musical bandstand. C6's dance of choice is "the worm" as he can't sit up or stand just yet! We have a bubble party, where I break out the bubblewater and amaze C6 with a room full of bubbles. Then it's storytime. Or maybe art time! (We tried fingerpainting and it was good, messy fun!) Sometimes we have a parade up and down the hallway. Often I will serenade him with bits of song...yesterday it was "Rollin' on the River" complete with froggy fingerpuppet singing the backup parts. HAhrhAHR!!!

So, yeah. I'm having fun!

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