Tuesday, March 15, 2005

...Is this what it has come to???? Nooooo!!!!!


just a random musing...i was conversing with jeff yesterday - he's got a baby boy too - and conversation veered into baby poop territory. ahhhh! is this what our lives have come to???!!! hHAHHR. i gotta get out more!

it has been a long winter and though i have been having tons of fun with C6, i really need to get out and do a few non-baby things. well, i *did* get out to the abbey for the dents record release and that was lots of fun. i had been to the abbey a couple weeks prior to that, not to see a show, just for a beer or 2 with buddies, testing the waters, as it were.

i can't wait for the snow to melt. i mean, i do like winter. just not this much of it, already!

c6 and i are going to the northshore mall today - hooray for the baby pram brigade!

off to scrape the dried baby food off my cheek...


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