Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stuck in Revertigo

I'm still floating, days after the amazing Big Dipper show. Some switch was thrown...just...something's different now. As I mentioned, the show really just thrust me back in time. In a good way. And I think I'm stuck there! Uh oh!

Did I mention the song that played right before Big Dipper got onstage? It was "Swamp Thing" by Chameleons (UK!!!) My little group, and the whole place, was enthralled. Everyone sang along!!! Wow. It was amazing. I know I sound like a Dorkus Maximus. (And even moreso now for writing "Dorkus Maximus".) The entire event was something special.

AND I'm also airborne because Bill Goffrier answered my e-fanmail and wrote some sweet things. Eeeeee! I tell you, the Revertigo is hittin' me HARD. Geesh, I'm (somewhat of) an adult, and here I am like a giddy schoolgirl because a fellow musician answered an email.

Here's a story: a few years ago, when Ad Frank was recording his first solo album, he worked with my brother John, recording at the house in which I grew up. Ad had enlisted Bill Goffrier to do some vocals on the album. John had set up a "vocal booth" in MY OLD CLOSET! I said, if the Linda of yesteryear knew that one day, Bill Goffrier would be singing in her closet, she'd totally FREAK OUT!

Still freakin out,

PS: My friend Lees was sucked back in time by the show, too. Read here, about how the music GETS ya. And she made a COOL little music player of bands of the day. I think I might stay stuck back in time for awhile. Is that bad?

PS: Boston Groupie News has a few fun photos of the show here. All my pix of the show came out krappy!


LEstes65 said...

Do I need to pay you royalties when I use "Dorkus Maximus" from now on? Because I love that. And plan to totally rip it off.

E pluribus dorkus.

Spooney said...

Damn, I wish i had been there. I lurves The Dippah!

LEstes65 said...

Ok - time to post something ELSE, Rock-mama!

Scurvyann (Linda) said...

I CAN'T post something else! I'm stuck back in a time long ago...a time before interwebs and blogs. I'll need a time machine. Anyone? Anyone?