Friday, May 23, 2008

Andrew W.K. and Paul Frank!

I love Andrew W.K.! I was just thinking about him today, wondering what he's up to. Guess what? He's going to be appearing in NYC at McNally Robinson bookstore (Soho), reading from the first Paul Frank children's book "Only In Dreams". AWK & PF...what a perfect combination! Like orange & chocolate in an Orange Milano cookie. Nom.

This from A.W.K.'s website:
Storybook Sunday:
Paul Frank has chosen Andrew W.K. to present their first-ever bedtime story, ONLY IN DREAMS, with a special children's book reading in NYC.
"Andrew's dynamic and celebratory nature blends perfectly with the magical experience of the new book", says PF President Ryan Heuser.
The event will be this Sunday, May 25th, 2008.

More info here.

Hoping the book's good! It looks cute.

Andrew, you know, when it's time to party, we will always party hard. Party hard.

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LEstes65 said...

You always learn me new thangs. Learn me MORE!