Wednesday, January 14, 2009

C6 loves Brian O'Brian!

A few days ago, C6 and I caught an in-between-shows short on The Disney Channel. It was called "Brian O'Brian" and it really grabbed our attention. The theme music drew us in, and we found ourselves laughing out loud to the antics of a funny guy who was just trying to clean up a small spill on the floor of an art gallery. As he tried to eradicate the spot, it quickly turned into a larger, brilliant pink mess that kept getting worse and worse the more he worked on it. C6 was laughing as hard as I've ever heard him laugh! He LOVED it. Interestingly, there was no dialog - just the music, some vocal sounds, and, oddly, a rather loud audience laugh track.

A quick investigation found that Brian O'Brian is a series of these shorts, and the main character is actor Brian Stepanek, who is also in Disney's Suite Life of Zack and Cody. The series is made without spoken words in order to show it in non-English speaking countries without having to redo the dialog. Brian O'Brian has been compared to Mr. Bean. I can see that - and I think C6 would enjoy some of Mr. Bean's antics as well. (BTW, who knew there was a Mr. Bean animated series? I didn't!)

The day after discovering Brian O'Brian, C6 was EXTREMELY excited when we stumbled across the same episode embedded in a Handy Manny show we had DVR'd. He INSISTED C5 watch it too - he had excitedly told him ALL about it the day we had seen it. There are a couple of Brian O'Brian episodes on YouTube but, alas, not the one that had elicited such belly laughs from C6.

I like his suspenders!

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LEstes65 said...

He's one of the redeeming characters on Zack & Cody. But as I type that, be aware that I have watched many an episode. I'm a suckah for tripe.