Thursday, June 19, 2008

in case you missed my last ROCKNROLLSHOW...

In case you missed it, here is a condensed version of the aforementioned Orbit show!

More in scurvyann's world of ROCK: last weekend I spent some time recording at the fabulous Moontower studio with Ad Frank and The Fast Easy Women. Even after all these years I'm not exactly in my element in the studio...I prefer the "anything goes"-ness of a live show vs. the preciseness of the studio. But I did way okay. Ad and I go way back (Miles Dethmuffen and PermaFrost, anybody? Anybody?) and he recalled a recording session (or 2) of yore when I cried in the studio. So of course, the rest of the (current) studio session I threatened to cry at each turn. It was fun! (And I didn't even cry!) It's going to be an amazing album. (Even though I didn't cry.) If you don't like this album, then I will cry. (With my fists! On your FACE!)

In OTHER rock news, there was ALMOST an impromptu Frigate thing this coming weekend. Unfortunately all of our schedules didn't jive, so it ain't happnin, but it was interesting that we all were very much into the idea of raising the shipwrecked Frigate for realsies. Who knows!?

In true Scurvyann seems I can't be in just one band for very long! What's with that, anyway???


marlatiara said...

Whaddya mean "Anybody Anybody?"


LimeyG said...

Ha! I'm totally stealing your threat and using it every day. With my fists. On your face.