Saturday, December 1, 2007

Orbit Reunion Shows at The Paradise, Boston

I'm gonna be rockin' a lot this month!

First: December 8th - Ad Frank & The Fast Easy Women! At Great Scott, Allston, MA. Apparently, it is a GLAMSTRAVAGANZA! Who knew? Also on the bill are Me & Joan Collins, Logan 5 & the Runners and more.

Then: December 21st - I'm in a mysterious yet-to-be-named, one-time-only cover band...we'll call us "Pretty Women Out Walking With Gorillas" for now! (hint, hint) A benefit show for Jeanne at TT the Bears, Cambridge, MA. Wonderful lineup tonight, take a look.

And Finally: December 28th and 29th - Orbit Reunion Shows! At The Paradise, Boston, MA. Also on the bill, The Sheila Divine who are also reuniting. Party like it's 1999!

Ummm...I'd better get to rehearsin' all this, yaTHINK?!

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