Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Boy did I love those crazy blobby things, the Barbapapas! Especially "Barba Beau", the shaggy black artist one. Barbapapa was another weird cartoon from the '70s. Do you remember them? They can change their shape and sizes, very easily!!! And they had an awesome house! It is so strange revisiting the cartoons from my early days. They're all WACKED!!! Seriously. I probably would have LIKED Boobah as a kid. Ew!

"Here is the star, he's Barbapapa, doodoo do dooooo..."


LimeyG said...

Barbapapa rocks! But Boobah is (are?) just creepy. I can't tell what they're thinking ...

Anyway, I gew up with Chigley and Trumpton.

marlatiara said...

Your Barbamama is STILL on a place of honor on a shelf in my house in GA, and the new baby will be able to look at her (BUT NOT TOUCH).

I also bought a VHS video of them from some random guy on a mailing list many years ago. They are WACKED you are right!