Thursday, May 24, 2007

S. Britt and The Sneeze

So I first came across the magnificent S. Britt while reading The Sneeze, a nutsy-kookoo and terribly addictive site indeed. Mr. S. Britt did a bit of artwork for The Sneeze and I am in luuuuv with his illustration style. 'Tis snazzy!

I dig reading The Sneeze. And you will too. I'm especially fond of the "Steve, Don't Eat It" section, where Steve eats some things he probably ought not. Also, I'm partial to Global Schoolyard Rhymes, described by Steve thusly: We all grew up reciting irritating rhymes. Some of us grew up primarily on the receiving end of them... good times. It occurred to me that these funny little bits of kid comedy must exist in every language all around the world, so I decided they must be collected. Welcome to The Global Schoolyard Rhyme Project. A gathering of international obnoxia. Check out Jokes from the Booster Seat as well, for jokes written by Steve's 4-year old son. Look at the S. Britt art on the Global Schoolyard Rhymes and Jokes From The Booster Seat pages.

Question: How psyched was I to find that S. Britt created "Coloring Can Be FUNNY!", a marvy coloring & activity book???

Answer: WICKED EXCITED! So I ordered it, and it arrived within a couple of days...with a little thank you note from the artist himself. YAY! C6 and I immediately delved into the book and had a lotta laffs! It is so fun. Highly recommended for EVERYONE.

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