Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Another Messy Day!

It has been awhile since I've mentioned MESSY DAY! Here's a photo of our latest venture. What's 'e doin'? Why, making a mess, of course! That's a mix of shaving cream, white glue, and food coloring. It makes a nifty fingerpaint - when it dries, it is all puffy and springy-like! C6's babysitter, "R" introduced us to the fine art of shavingcreampainting. She always has fun ideas! She and C6 made a striking painting of a goldfish, and a cheery smiley face. Today we didn't really try to make any "thing" (except a mess!) It was all about the process, I mean, prossMESS.

On another MESSY DAY, I filled a biiiiig bowl with uncooked rice and gave C6 some spoons, different sized cups and bowls, and a funnel. He loved moving the rice from container to container. He was busily working for quite awhile and then (we knew it was coming) whoooooosshhhhhhh - all the rice went onto the floor and so did C6. He started flailing his little bodkin around atop the grains. Arms and legs moving all around. He was making a "rice angel". HAHrhAHR!!!!! The next day, after our lesson on how to use a funnel, I was trying to shove some Bacos back into the jar and they were spilling all over the place. "Mummio, use funnel!" said my little smartypants.

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