Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Does anyone remember the cartoon from the early '70s called "Jot"? I remember LOVING it when I was little. It is about a little dot guy named (wait for it...) JOT. Jot zoomed and bounced around, as in the "follow the bouncing ball" singalong cartoons. I TOTALLY don't remember it being religious - but I guess it was on around the same time that "Davey and Goliath", (which we also watched and enjoyed) so that makes sense. Who knew? I LOVE the design of the Jot animations - very mod! Have a look:

I especially like when Jot has a guilt trip and freaks out - things get kind of psychedelic. Did they spell "ma'am" wrong? Or is "mam" correct? Hmmm.

I tried to find a Davey and Goliath episode, but all I could find in my extensive 3-minute search were dirty versions and parodies. Oh, and the Mountain Dew commercial, which I did like:

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