Friday, May 4, 2007

A Li'l Bit Rocknroll.

So it dawned on me that I haven't written one LICK about any of the rockstuff that has been going on here. Oops! I guess I should if I want to keep my subtitle "Rocknroll mum".

Ad Frank & The F.E.W. played a dy-no-mite show at the Lizard Lounge (ha - I just typed "the Lizard Lung" - eeeeewww!) a couple of weeks ago. Here's a short-but-sweet review. Ummmm...we did a li'l photo shoot...and we popped into The Moontower studio to record a few demo songs. Whatelsewhatelse? A couple of months ago, Ad and I played a couple of shows, just us 2, with Britband Echo Heights. The show at The Baseball Tavern was a lot of fun - very laid back. I totally forgot the words in the middle of one song and did a nervous Grover laugh. (You know...Grover from Sesame Street.) We recovered when Ad loudly stagewhispered my part to me and we picked it up. HAHHRHARH! Smoov!

We've got a show at TTs, June 23rd. Come on out-n-see!

Scurvyann, over-n-out.

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marlatiara said...

You look gorgeous! Hot mama indeed!

And I am taking notes from the rest of your blog for future use - particularly the music recommendations, but the fingerpaint too! MWAH!